Remedica - Pure Organic Anago (African Black Soap Cleanser) 120g

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Village made and used in West Africa for thousands of years, African Black Soap (Anago) is prized for its antiseptic, cleansing and healing properties as well as for its gentleness on skin and hair. Excellent for oily, acne prone or troubled skin.

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An organic and pure compound of oils, butters and plants used to wash even the most sensitive and fragile skins. This amazing cleansing compound brought to you by Remedica can even remove make up, sooth and care for damaged skin even up to the most severe or chronic pathologies such as acne, eczema and burns.

100% synthetic and fragrance free providing a rich superior lather and gentle cleansing. Leaves skin feeling soft, slightly exfoliated and healthy. Can be used to remove make up, wash hair, cleanse body and shave.


  • Only the tiniest amount is need and therefore the product should last for many months.

  • Non-greasy…West African Fair Trade organic unrefined shea butter, cocoa butter, cocoa pod, palm kernel, coconut Oil, - All rich emollients to support a gentle, smooth cleanse but without any greasy or oily after feel,

  • Agow Bark—provides subtle antiseptic qualities,

  • Banana Leaf—provides subtle enzymatic conditioning and subtle exfoliation of skin.

Remedica Pure Organic Anago is a Fair Trade product from the woman's co-operative of Ghana in West Africa.


Lather over the skin in the bath or shower. Rinse well. Keep soap dry between uses. Please note in its raw, unprocessed form it is a chocolate coloured, dense fudge like consistency with clear pockets of different plant matter and butters compressed to form a solid compound. The real black soap is neither hard enough to be a hand held bar nor soft enough to dispense through a pump or plastic tube.


Hand compressed compound of roasted cocoa pods, palantain, coconut oil and shea butter. Heated at low temperature with soya bean oil for easier application and softer skin feel.

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